There are group of countries that are experiencing transmission of Covid-19 very severe and countries that are experiencing less severe. This presentation is to show the Magnitude vs Average Growth rate.

The intuitive interpretation is that all countries have to reach 0 (zero) growth of cases. This chart shows the condition (magnitude & growth) of each country in respective cluster within last 7 (seven) days.

Another intuitive imterpretation is to imagine “a flying plane” (due to series of data on the chart), which has to land on earth. This landing point is where “zero growth” of transmission happened; i.e. no-new-one got infected (zero new infected). So, we can expect at which point this plane will land.

  1. Cluster A — 16 top countries
  2. Cluster B — 16 medium severity
  3. Cluster C — 16 less severe

How to read the chart

It consist of previous 7 points of growth and magnitude that construct a short string. The movement of this string is always go to the right, as the cumulative of cases increases, and it is normally going downward, as the growth decreases. In some cases, it moves upward because this country is facing difficulties in terms of managing Covid transmission in their community.
In some other cases, it does not moves to the right very much but only downward. This country is success in terms of managing the growth of Covid transmission in the community. For countries that are experiencing zero growth of transmission, the string will form a single dot on the X axis, as there is no additional new case.